A silent celebration for Michael Schumacher

By on Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tomorrow is going to be Michael Schumacher’s 45th birthday and he is, unfortunately, still in hospital in a stable, but critical condition after suffering severe head injuries from a skiing accident on Sunday morning.

Although Michael won’t be awake to celebrate his 45th birthday, Ferrari have organised a silent ‘red’ vigil outside of Grenoble University Hospital Centre where Michael is being treated, allowing friends & fans alike the chance to wish him happy birthday and show their support.

I can only imagine how many people will turn up, to the point everyone will only be able to see the colour red for as far as the eye can see.

Ferrari will also being running a special tribute to Michael on their website tomorrow > formula1.ferrari.com

Here’s to hoping he pulls through soon and will get the chance to celebrate his birthday.

Michael Schumacer

Michael Schumacher

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