Why Condoms Aren’t Great

By on Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Centre for HIV and Sexual Health (CFHASH) has taken the humorous step to tackle a serious problem, and unwrap some preconceived conceptions about sexual protection.

Whilst many organizations take to shocking images and horrible stories which talk of sexual transmitted diseases, the CFHASH has created a humorous viral video to show the best situations for people to use condoms. It concentrates, however, on the worst scenarios such as using it as a  muzzle for your pet veloceraptor, or using one as a wand in your last battle with “He Who Shall Not Be Named” (Or Lord Voldy as I call him when we’re in the pub)

Much like toilet attendants in clubs shouting catchy slogans aimed at improving sexual health awareness; my favourites include “Wear a box to protect your c***s” and “If your s**g**g make sure that you’re bagging it” (to the tune of “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it”; people are more likely to take notice of this video due to its funny side, rather than ignoring the serious and deformed images of genitalia that are so common nowadays.

It’s a very simple message are it really hits the nail on the head. Condoms are there for a specific reason, they’re perfect for the right situation. A series of funny posters and postcards have also been designed to promote the campaign which was launched to coincide with national HIV testing week supported by Sexual Health Sheffield, the newly formed Integrated Sexual Health service.

It’s definitely a welcome step for sexual health awareness, and with it’s popularity on social networking sites maybe this campaign has a chance of getting the message through to all.

Steve Slack Community Engagement Manager, Integrated Sexual health Service at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We know that many people are still unaware of HIV and are not always clear about how condoms might protect them. This video is a fun and engaging way of reminding people that condoms are one of the best ways of preventing HIV and STIs. We hope that people will find this video amusing as well as informative and will share it with others.”

Have a gander at the video here it might have some life lessons for all of us…



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