This App is Sick (Literally)

By on Sunday, December 15, 2013

Put your mask away, bin the high-alcohol hand wash and pull the tissues out from under your cuff, because the magic of the technology has solved the problem that ails us all – with an app that maps where them sick folks dwell.

Empowering the ultimate virus to fight those more sneezy ones, SickWeather uses social media to map ‘flu storms’, ‘snotty fronts’ and ‘scatterings of scratchings’ by employing an advanced screening algorithm to trawl Facebook and Twitter for  any mentions of illness.

Using the online population’s proclivity to overshare on their unwelcome passing of infectious bodily fluids and vomitus, a map is generated to reveals “sick-zones” around your person, allowing you to avoid with ease.

You can even filter by type of ailment, including flu, cough, sore throat, and chicken pox.

So if you want to keep yourself nice and well, grab your iPhone, download the app – or alternatively check out the SickWeather website for free to search sick zones.


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