Store steps in after dad is sent photo of Xbox he bought in eBay scam

By on Monday, December 9, 2013

Following the highly-shared story last week about a dad who paid £450 for an Xbox One on eBay and was sent a photo of the console instead, an electronics store has stepped in to provide the real thing and ensure a happy Christmas all round.

Peter Clatworthy was given a full refund by eBay but still lamented that Christmas wasn’t going to be Christmas without the games console for his four year old son, which is sold out in the UK.

Teenager paid £450 for Xbox One on eBay, got sent photo of one instead

Happily, a CEX outlet in Nottingham stepped in and gave him the video games system for free. Peter said: “I’m just overwhelmed by the reaction to the story. All I wanted was a refund. I cannot believe this.’

David Draycott, assistant manager at the electronics shop, said: ‘We as a company are always looking to do a good thing for somebody. Hopefully Peter and his son will both be able to enjoy this together.’

Teenager scammed into buying £450 photo of Xbox One gets given real one for free

Though the classic ‘store stepping in and spreading goodwill in the face of mean-spiritedness’ stunt is nothing new, you gotta love it.

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