Online supermarket Ocado places tongue-in-cheek adverts outside rivals’ stores

By on Monday, December 16, 2013

Online supermarket Ocado has taken advantage of last minute Christmas shopping stress by placing adverts outside its rivals’ London stores.

The adverts, which were applied using a high-power water jet, have appeared overnight outside Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose with messages to deter shoppers from entering, such as “Don’t waste your life, shop at Ocado”.

Ocado Christmas ad

Image credit: The Grocer

Ocado co-founder Jason Gissing said: “We’ve taken to the streets to remind people how chaotic and stressful shopping at a normal supermarket can be during the festive period.

“From pester power and long queues to busy car parks and aggressive shoppers, the experience can be horrific. With the Ocado Christmas Shop, your entire shop can be done in a few minutes without leaving the sofa.”

A to-the-point experiential campaign which rounds off a year of tongue-in-cheek stunts from big brands, this has been featured by The Grocer and will be sure to attract attention from harrassed Londoners in the run up to Christmas.

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