Netflix Mocks Own Films With ‘Fireplace For Your Home’ Trailer

By on Sunday, December 22, 2013

Do you miss the crackle of a traditional log fire in your home? If so, you can stream videos of realistic fireplaces into your very own home on Netflix. They have realised the absurdity of these videos and produced a brilliant mock trailer. It has the classic overly dramatic voiceover, action shots of the wood burning away and even some tearjerking quotes.

As if this did not do the films justice, you are even invited to watch a behind the scenes ‘making of’ video, spoofing their own spoof. They consider deep questions such as ‘What is fire?’ and detail the arduous journey of the logs from tree to YouTube.

Perhaps the most wonderful part of this light-hearted PR campaign is that it is publicising a real product. You can actually watch a fireplace as an ambient backdrop to your living room. It has quite favourable reviews as well, including the inevitable comedy gems.’Season 1 is okay I guess but OMG – DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU LIKE LOGS. SERIOUSLY. That said, anyone into fire will probably get something out either ep. 1 or 2′

Here is the trailer itself…

…and the equally brilliant behind the scenes documentary.

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