Ladbrokes offer odds on Xmas zombie attack

By on Monday, December 9, 2013

Just imagine it; you’ve opened your presents, eating twice your body weight in turkey and chocolate and suddenly – zombies attack!

In a highly un-Chrismassy, but really fun stunt bookmakers Ladbrokes has announced it will be offering 2000/1 odds that there will be a zombie apocalypse on December 25th.

400px-Zombies_in_MoscowPicture courtesy of Wiki – Zombie walkers in Moscow

If this news sends you running scared, bear in mind 500/1 odds are being offered on a marriage between Prince Harry and Miley Cyrus – pretty terrifying!

In a ‘statement’ a spokesperson said ‘the public should not be overly concerned’ and, let’s be frank, no one actually believes  that a zombie attack will happen, but this stunt really works for a couple of reasons.  For a start, its something adults do talk about.  Ask the nearest person to you about their zombie attack contingency plan – I bet they have one! This really helps to ignite those conversations, often held in the presence of booze which will be flowing aplenty at this time of year.  Secondly, more and more I find that not everyone cares for a John Lewis-esque view of Christmas; a zombie attack would be just the thing to liven Christmas up in my opinion!

The odds have been offered by Ladbrokes at part of a stunt to promote the Haynes Zombie Survival Manual.

A big thumbs up to the Haynes team at Spirit PR for this one!


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