Coca-Cola create outdoor ads made entirely of wrapping paper

By on Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Here’s a nice yet simple ‘wish I’d have thought of that’ Christmas campaign for Coca-Cola.

In line with its ongoing ‘happiness’ campaign (plenty of examples of this here), Coca-Cola created an outdoor poster ad in partnership with Clear Channel, made entirely of wrapping paper, allowing passers-by to tear off a piece of branded paper to wrap their presents. Given Coca-Cola’s association with Christmas and the fact (topical) freebies are always appreciated, this likely-inexpensive campaign is yet more evidence of a brand that says yes to the right ideas.

CocaColaAbribus-500x353The billboards were installed in the shopping malls of Belgium’s largest cities in the last few days.

Involved agencyDuval Guillaume Modem

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