2013 according to YouTube, Facebook & Twitter

By on Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Although we haven’t quite made it to Christmas yet, the social networks have already gone out with their 2013 round-ups – and they’re as interesting and enjoyable as ever.

Let’s start with YouTube. As you’d expect, it’s filled with the most popular virals and songs of the year – from Blurred Lines to yelling goats – but it’s also an endless stream of internet celebrities too. As an Englishman, a few did go over my head, but there’s so many you’re bound to get a few.

Facebook next, which kicks off with the line “2013 – We came, we twerked, we conquered – #YOLO”. Although after the cat beards and red wedding reactions, they take a more serious approach, looking at the tragic events and those that passed across the year. However, the mood’s then lifted with quite a touching ending – which probably makes this my favourite out of the three.


Additionally, on facebook’s dedicated site, you can also look at topics such as “top check-ins”, “top life events” and “most talked about” – where Pope Francis comes out on top worldwide. As well as this, there’s the opportunity to look at your 2013 round-up too; which may just be pictures of you shouting into a camera in a pub, but it’s all memories, right?

Finally, if plenty of information is what you’re after, check out twitter’s microsite. Here you can break down the entire year through categories, or month, showcasing the sheer volume of data at the social network’s fingertips. Although, for me, the best part is BBC Breaking News’s: 2013 in tweets – featuring what is still my favourite news story of the year.

So happy 2013 everyone – here’s to another year!

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