Red Volvo Truck chased through Spanish streets by herd of bulls

By on Thursday, October 10, 2013

In a promotional video series for its new FMX truck including ‘The Hamster Stunt’, ‘The Hook’ and ‘The Ballerina Stunt’, Volvo has shown it knows how to get people watching.

Yesterday, the company released this video – ‘The Chase’, highlighting their product’s maneuverability, whilst a red-painted truck was chased through the (closed-off) Spanish streets of Cuidad Rodrigo by a herd of bulls.

The video was directed by Oscar-nominated Henry Alex Rubin, who together with a crew of 250 people and 28 cameras including an octocopter and a 360° camera captured the live chase. The truck was driven by Hollywood stunt driver Rob Hunt, who stated he had to maintain a speed of approximately 20 mph at all times, despite the winding road.

Volvo Trucks Vice President of Marketing Communications Lars Terling said, “The safety of both people and animals was the top priority. All necessary safety precautions were taken. We wanted to recreate an event inspired by Spanish tradition but in our very own way so no trucks, people or bulls come to any harm.”

volvo trucks bulls chase

And for those of you that love a good behind the scenes:

Both videos are, at present, on ‘301+’ views and as the others in the series have millions of views between them, you can expect this to be as popular.

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