New period support service launched

By on Thursday, August 15, 2013

Right, brace yourselves fellow Brits, we’re about to review something that certainly does not fall under “polite topics of conversation for mixed company”. I’ll wait for you to make a supporting cup of tea and gird your loins.

Ready? Good.

It seems that a business has been established which sells “lady products from around the globe” – no, not the infamous bic for her pens. For The Period Store (yes that is its name) aims to make the ladyfolk “reimagine the way you experience your period”.

Stop laughing! The company allows customers to pick items for a kind of rescue box – although putting this under the tab name “fill your package” is a bit indelicate I feel. In short, it is providing a vital service to female kind.


The founders launched the service by throwing a…wait for it…menstruation celebration party. The food, décor and drinks all in fetching shades of red. Well, it’s certainly memorable.

Source: Design Taxi

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