MINI takes to the streets in a loud driving social media billboard, sharing fan videos #MINIartbeat

By on Saturday, August 17, 2013

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MINI is a bit like the Chihuahua that thinks it’s a Terrier isn’t it? I’m absolutely loving the massive worldwide campaign with the big idea being ‘Not Normal‘.

The whole scope is to capture as many mini situations as possible, from sticking the not-so-everyday into their TV ads to getting the public to celebrate their passion for MINI by sending in their pictures/designs and making them a part of it all.

But, what’s got 48,000 LEDs, takes joyrides through London, and can be totally customised? MINI Art Beat is no normal installation. They are taking over the streets of London using the cars as social media billboards.


The cars are fully customisable, you can choose the colour, background and song that will be blasted out to accompany the video you upload – and it’s all done live.

Upload via Vine, the Facebook App, or Twitter with the hashtag #MINIartbeat.

You can stream it live online, but if you don’t get time to, chill. MINI will send you a clip of it doing the rounds in London when it’s over, making it a great shareable video you can brag about to all your friends and foes.

Watch the clip below to see it in motion:

I love looking at the ‘behind the scenes’ of stunts/campaigns, but didn’t want to clog the post with it. Find it all here.

Agencies involved: Iris Worldwide, with planning by Vizeum.

Source: Brand Republic and AutoBlog.

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