Is your child misbehaving? How about a Lovely Strait Jacket to keep them in check?

By on Friday, August 9, 2013

Can’t quite believe I’m saying this…but recently in Brazil the shelves of toyshops were filled with a line of ‘Control Toys’, which included “Lovely Strait Jacket”, “Funny Cage”, “Baby Trap Chair” and “Happy Heavy Ball”

Lovely Strait Jacket Funny Cage

Thankfully this was all a PR Stunt. THANK GOD. And not an actual new range of toys. And WOW was it amazing.

On the back of each box a message read, “There are better ways to discipline your child. Watch Super Nanny.” Amazing.

Now, Super Nanny isn’t normally the kind of TV that I watch, but after seeing this I’m actually tempted to watch an episode-you just can’t help but keep thinking about it. The messaging is so in line with the brand as well that you’re not at risk of forgetting what it’s about. Just imagine what it would be like if you had actually seen these toys in a shop…

And it really was a success, with the show recording a 26% growth in audience figures compared to the previous season. So hats of to you, Publicis, a wonderfully terrifying campaign that really hit the nail on the head (or in fact, trapped the child in a chair).

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