Galaxy S4 Zoom: Samsung’s effort to show that they can do both phones and cameras

By on Saturday, August 31, 2013


In all fairness, Samsung is probably the most renowned Android smartphone manufacturer of all time, somehow managing to always beat its competitors when announcing new products – and the Galaxy S4 Zoom is a device that’s certainly a corker – a great PR stunt too!

You may be thinking why I think it’s a great PR stunt, and the reason is that it’s a very unique device – mainly because it’s both a mid-range Android smartphone and a full-on compact camera system combined into one product – which I know for a fact has had a lot of people talking…including me.

If you were to use one of these as your daily phone, taking it onto the tube and through town or the local shopping centre, I can promise you’re going to get some people looking at you silly! Should I tell you why? Well, you can probably guess yourself – but the reason is: it’s absolutely huge! And who knows, someone could easily come up to you and ask about the handset – then you could tell them who it’s made by, and Samsung would be getting the traditional stunt of word-and-mouth…the old way of PR, which I still think is important to the whole marketing industry.


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