Company creates anti-theft ‘device’ allowing you to disguise your iPad as a glossy mag

By on Monday, July 29, 2013

Surveys don’t often feature on PRexamples for a few reasons, but after digital newsstand lekiosk found that a quarter of people made the decision to leave their devices at home for fear they might be stolen, the company mocked up quite a cool solution.

Men's Health magazine tablet hide

Below are prototypes of an anti-theft ‘device’ (I’m using the word the Mail and the email telling me about it used – to me, it looks like a case with a hole in it) specifically for tablets, hiding the tablet in a magazine.

lekiosk anti theft ipad glossy magazine

Whether this is one of those ‘prototype’ stories many of us have been guilty of (where we and our clients have no intention of making the bloody thing post-coverage) remains to be seen, but as it’s a genuinely good idea, I wonder if the customer demand would be there?

Read more: Mail Online

Involved agency: Diffusion PR

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