‘World’s first’ Twitter beer from BrewDog is ready to drink

By on Friday, June 28, 2013

Back in March PRexamples reported on BrewDog’s plan to create ‘the first democratically designed craft beer’. A few months on and it has arrived, all ready to drink.

BrewDog #mash

#MashTag, a name which arose during the process of deciding what goes in the new brew on Twitter and Facebook, comes in the form of a brown ale and, according to The Drum, includes “New Zealand hops and aged on hazelnuts and oak chips” as ingredients. Hopefully that’s not wooden French fries.

In any case, it seems the project to create a democratically designed beer has been a success. BrewDog asked its social media base on Twitter and Facebook to vote on potential ingredients posted over a week on the company blog. Although no actual figures have been given on how many of BrewDog’s social followers got involved, the fact the beer is here means some engagement must have happened somewhere along the line. Cheers.

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