Swap cigarettes for condoms in anti-smoking drive

By on Monday, June 24, 2013

A Brazilian action group has come up with a novel way to encourage smokers to quit – by offering them a roll of condoms in exchange for a cigarette.

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Alegria gera Saúde – or Joy Generates Health – placed a large blue box on a busy street, with the message “Sex – it’s much better than smoking”.  Passers-by were able to simply place a cigarette into a slot on the front of the box, and the anonymous person inside would hand them the condoms in return.

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Delivering the message that that there are better ways to enjoy life, in a double whammy of public health messages, the campaign also emphasises the need for protection when having sex, driving home the notion that sex can come without a health risk, whilst smoking never will.

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The beauty of the campaign is that it takes one public taboo and exchanges it for another: in a world where we’re constantly being told what to do, the group – rather than preaching – is saying here’s one ‘bad’ thing you can absolutely do, guilt-free.

Although the impact of the campaign is questionable, it’s nice to see a fun method being used instead of the usual patronising or macabre attempts we’re used to.

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