Live Photo-shopping Surprises Stockholm Commuters

By on Sunday, June 9, 2013

Adobe PR Stunt for #CreativeDaysFor me Adobe is one of those brands that goes about making its PR noise rather quietly. That is, it is not in my go to list of sexy brands famous for big stunts and iconic campaigns. In fairness, I probably only really associate Adobe with the words ‘click here.’

However, the recent stunt Adobe carried out in Stockholm to support its  ‘Creative Days‘ events schedule (which will see 14 events across Europe in total) was a little louder and cheekier.

The stunt saw commuters secretly photographed while waiting for a bus, and then photo-shopped courtesy of quick-draw Photoshop master Erik Johansson, who was hiding in a van, into amusing positions, scenarios and even implied relationships.

Safe to say, I liked it, and you might do to.

I spotted it on Mashable first which in the world of tech PR no doubt equates to ‘job well done’ for someone.

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