Jeep introduces GPS to Get Lost, directing stressed drivers to ‘God knows where’

By on Wednesday, June 12, 2013

To help Argentinians keen to escape the trials of daily life, Jeep has created a GPS add-on app that gets the driver lost. The aim of the add-on option is to take you “God knows where”.

‘GPS to Get Lost’ offers stressed drivers the chance to discover 28 lost off-road spots in the country, simply by selecting the ‘get lost’ option, choosing the terrain they’d like to drive over (from mountain, sand, puna grassland and woods) and following the instructions.

The Satnav also encourages the driver along the way, with statements such as ‘caution, it is forbidden to circulate whilst wearing a tie’ and ‘remember, in case of mud, you are not allowed to avoid it’.

The video tells us that in two weeks, brand ‘buzz’ increased by more than 10 times and Jeep Argentina Facebook fan page visits were up 32% (hardly the sort of results that will have Jeep’s financial directors jumping for joy, but the only metrics we’ll see, I imagine).

gps to get lost jeep


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