Pay with a kiss in romantic café stunt

By on Monday, June 10, 2013

These days good old fashioned cash just won’t do. Payment via Twitter, Instagram, or even simple words (see the Beautiful Women Don’t Pay stunt) has sprung up across the globe, and this time it’s Australia’s turn, with a French café accepting kisses as payment.

Before this starts to sound dodgy, I’ll clarify that the customers kiss each other, not the staff, and is as simple as it sounds. During June, between 9am-11am, the waiters at Metro St James  inform customers that if they kiss – and it has to be a ‘real’ kiss – they’ll receive their coffee free of charge.


Cute as this stunt is, I’m not sure a) how you define a real kiss – (the waiter mentions he’s ‘kind of a specialist’ when it comes to detecting fakes but what if the couple are just awkward kissers?!) b) what happens when the customers happen to be on a first date, blind date, on the brink of a break-up or worst of all –  related?!









But hey,  I’m just talking logistics, which clearly don’t matter when you’ve got global coverage in Time, Huffington Post, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, MSN Now, Yahoo! Canada, New York Daily News and Cosmopolitan to name but a few.

The video ends with the adorable but not particularly commercially viable message that ‘At Metro St James, we don’t want your money, just your kisses!’ Lovely!

Check out the video here:

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