Inscribed Becks bottle plays its own music

By on Thursday, June 13, 2013

Seemingly unrelated events occurred in the 1870s: the first batch of Becks was brewed, whilst Thomas Edison invented the phonograph – but a new project by the beer brand has brought the two together.

Using a record-cutting lathe, Auckland band Ghost Wave’s new track “Here She Comes” was inscribed onto the outside of the Beck’s bottle – taking the art label to a whole new level. Then after this painstaking process, a brand new phonograph – based on Thomas Edison’s original – was built to play the new track directly from the bottle itself.

Alcohol and music often go hand in hand, but never to this extent. And that’s what makes this an amazing piece of work, harnessing creativity to deliver something really special.

Check out the video to hear from those involved:

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