Expedia.co.uk give 60 people a chance at finding true love on a ‘Holidate’.

By on Thursday, June 20, 2013

Expedia.co.uk found that travel is one of the hot topics discussed on dates, and used that insight to create the ‘Holidate’ stunt.


They chose the lucky 60 people from a application of 500 to take the 2 hour flight, and have a 3 minute speed date with 20 others. Expedia are saying they may hold these more regularly, and are hoping for the first Expedia wedding.

They offered winners:

  •  Free hotel stay before the trip
  • VIP airport experience
  • 5 course lunch
  • Free food and drinks
  •  Free activities from wine-tasting to watersports
  • Sunny European city
  • And an amazing story to tell their friends when they returned!

The use of the aeroplane took dating to new heights, but also stopped people from running away from awkward moments and instead embracing them! The guys sat on the aisle seats and rotated along the plane, and on the trip there were couples activities allowing them to get to know each other properly.




The stunt was helped by insight from Doing Something, which is a website that gives you cool things to do on dates and nights out. Also, it got a Guinness World Record – so that in itself is a success!

Campaign worked on by PRExamples’ guest blogger Asad Dhunna and his team at FleishmanHillard.


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