Opinion: Can we call scandals good PR? Or not?

By on Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scandal, after scandal, after scandal – that’s all you hear on the news these days… celebrities hitting the high side of life, with politicians elaborating on the “right” side of humanity and how “human beings” should act in public – and they’re always helping them build up on their names, but is it good or bad?


If you’re a huge a fan of celebrity gossip, you would have heard about Tulisa’s arrest yesterday, after she reportedly dealt class-A drugs to a reporter. And I can guarantee it’ll turn into another huge scandal within the next few weeks, adding some more publicity to her official Wikipedia page.

Celebrities and politicians love public scandals. In fact, they’re obsessed with them because they produce themselves free PR and publicity that would last a lifetime…. which is pretty unfair because they’re not actually paying for the publicity they’re getting.

But anyway, the question is, are scandals good PR? I know they seem pretty bad, but really, they’re quite entertaining… well, that’s just my opinion, at least!!!

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