Magicians & mobiles combine with O2

By on Thursday, May 2, 2013

Everyone loves a bit of magic don’t they? Even in the very heart of the information age that we live in, most of us still don’t know how one man guessed your card was the seven of spades.

Well O2 harnessed this fascination and let magician, Oliver B, loose across the streets of London. However, he wasn’t just out to amaze with a rabbit and a hat – he was out to change the pockets of some very lucky Londoners.

You see, the reason behind all this was all to promote O2’s new “refresh” contracts – where you can upgrade your phone at any point – but why upgrade when you’ve got magic? And that’s where Oliver B stepped in.

His pièce de résistance was transforming people’s old handsets into brand new Sony Xperia Z’s with just a breath:

Now I’ve got to say that I was very lucky to catch Oliver B myself at the launch party, so just in case you haven’t seen enough, here’s me being dazzled by the man himself:

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