Suarez invited to UK’s first ever zombie wedding in brilliant reactive videogame stunt

By on Monday, April 22, 2013

I’ve got a plethora of reminders beeping at me from all corners of my laptop, but I was just tweeted a brilliantly simple reactive PR stunt I thought I’d quickly post up.

In short, to promote new zombie videogame Dead Island Riptide (released this Friday), the game’s publisher Deep Silver issued an open invitation to bitey-bitey Liverpool striker Luis Suarez to attend the UK’s first zombie wedding tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd) night as the guest of honour.

rob and jen dead island zombie wedding competition

From the press release:

Jennifer Jones, 27, and Rob Blackmore, 31 – both from Suarez’s beloved Liverpool – will be joining in unholy matrimony tomorrow night in Central London as part of the celebrations for the launch of new zombie videogame, Dead Island Riptide™. The couple will be made up to look like the undead creatures normally found shuffling and preying on the living in a zombie apocalypse videogame.

Deep Silver believes that Suarez – who bit Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic on the arm during the second half of Sunday’s 2-2 draw between Liverpool and Chelsea – will fit in well alongside the flesh-eating zombie hordes at the wedding.

The wedding, taking place at One Mayfair in London, is the result of a Facebook competition, beating dozens of applicants with this entry video:

The wedding will be presided over by a zombie priest and the publisher will be sending the couple on a Caribbean honeymoon. Photos and videos from the zombie wedding will be available here.

If you missed Zombie Suarez, here’s the video of him biting  Ivanovic:

Full press release here

Involved agency: Dead Good Media

Source: former GameCity PR Chris White

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