Dutch national museum re-opens with a flashmob recreation of Rembrandt's most famous piece

By on Saturday, April 6, 2013

There’s a new ‘surprise’ PR campaign most days at the minute, but this one to highlight the reopening of the Rijkmuseum in Amsterdam – the National Museum – on April 13th is really quite good.

After ten years of refurbishment,

all the major pieces in the museum’s collection are, according to a probably-dodgy Danish-English Google translation, ‘back where they belong’. The flashmob, as you can see below, was to recreate Rembrandt’s Night Watch, famously housed in the museum.

rembrandt night watch pr stunt


our heroes are back night watch pr stunt museum

Thanks to sponsorship from ING, the National Museum will be free to visit on the opening day (we really do take the fact museums are free here in the UK for granted). If you’re interested in a more detailed look at the refurbishment and why the project took so long, this Guardian piece explains all.

Source: Seen on Matt Muir’s ever-brilliant Web Curios

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