Bathroom stunt involving flirtatious models shocks peeing men into stagefright

By on Sunday, April 21, 2013

Remember this lift stunt, where to demonstrate the clarity of its IPS screens,  LG made a lift floor ‘collapse’, frightening unsuspecting users?

Well, the electronics firm is back with another effort aimed at highlighting its screen quality, having placed screens above urinals in a men’s bathroom and fitted the room with secret cameras.

lg stagefright so real its scary 2 video stunt pr

In the video below – viewed more than 2 million times in just a few days and entitled ‘Stage Fright – So Real It’s Scary 2‘ – as men start to pee, they’re shocked into apparent stagefright as coquettish models suddenly watch them go about their business as if watching live.

Though I’m pretty sure it’s a set-up (secret cameras in a bathroom? If it’s not a set-up, I’d like to see the outcry if done in a women’s bathroom), it’s another good effort from LG, but unlikely to reach the heady heights of the original, now with more than 18.5m views.

Source: Design Taxi, pointed out by fellow contributor Gemma Storey, of Carrot Comms (check out her posts here)

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