On the Fastrack to a rebrand?

By on Friday, March 1, 2013

Indian fashion brand, Fastrack, has come up with a nifty idea to increase its Facebook fan base. The brand has announced that if its Facebook page gets 10 million likes in 40 days, it will allow fans to change the brand name.

33days Fastrack

The campaign is all over the Fastrack Facebook page, but every time it posts a new message about it, or asks fans what they would change the name to, many reply with variants of “we like the name and want to keep it”.

It’s not clear how the new name selection would take place. Would it be a pre-approved list of names, or would the fans be able to suggest names before voting on them? Would the brand risk allowing the fans to pick any name they liked? Doubtful.

What is clear, is the potential for failure. Yes, the brand may end up with 10 million Facebook fans, but it’s what it does with those fans – and whether they’re genuine fans of the brand – that matters.

After all, if it loses its brand name it could end up with one of these:

Fastrack names

Source: Branding Magazine

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