Oreo steals the spotlight from a darkened Super Bowl

By on Monday, February 4, 2013

There was a football game over the weekend. No big deal. Just the Super Bowl.

And after a spectacular song-and-dance mini concert from Beyonce, what seemed like a runaway game for the Baltimore Ravens got a little interesting, right after the first play of the third quarter.

The power went off. For 35 minutes, while crews scrambled to restore lights to the Superdome in New Orleans, players were stretching to stay relaxed, fans were refilling their drinks so as to avoid “dehydration”…and a crack team of PR and social media staff were putting together arguably the best tweet of the day.

Did someone hit the light switch by accident?

Hats off to 360i – the agency behind Oreo’s timely and witty response to the blackout. The agency explained that they had set up a “mission control”, and because their event day team included decision makers from Oreo, the agency was able to get the tweet and accompanying picture approved quickly so the response would be the most effective. While other brands soon followed suit, they couldn’t quite match the power of the black-and-white…much as the 49ers couldn’t quite match the power of the Ravens.

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