SodaStream releases ‘Bubble Blackout’ advert

By on Monday, December 3, 2012

SodaStream has hit upon an innovative way of overcoming a Clearcast ban. It is now running an interim advert, entitled ‘Bubble Blackout’. The interim advert invites people to view the banned advert on YouTube, delivering the message that SodaStream will not be silenced. The brand’s original advert was set to air in the UK last Thursday but was banned at the eleventh hour by Clearcast.

The 30-second ad spot was created in-house and produced by the team at Unit TV, containing just three frames and set to the banned ads soundtrack the advert begins with SodaStream’s new strapline “If you love the bubbles set them free”, followed by the SodaStream logo. The final frame shows a YouTube logo with the text “The SodaStream Effect” and a QR code with leads to the banned advert on SodaStream’s YouTube channel.

Quite a clever way of getting around the ban and drawing attention to the advert – brilliant strategy.

Here is a link to the video:

Source: The Drum

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