New York: Empire State of Lights.

By on Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Were you lucky enough to be in NYC a few weeks ago? Me neither.

The Empire State Building, to show off its new LED lights, put on its first ever “light show” on November 26, 2012 at 9PM. The light show was synchronised to Alicia Key’s songs Gir

l on Fire and Empire State of Mind.

Video: Empire State Light Show

The stunts aim was to showcase the buildings new lighting system, created by Philips Color Kinetics, which can generate 16 million colors, and create effects such as ripples, bursts, sweeps, sparkles, cross-fades, strobes and chasers. The light show was also a rehearsal/preview of what’s to come on New Years Eve as the city welcomes in they year 2013.

Music in the background was playing on the radio which was simulcast on several radio stations in New York City at the same time. Many New Yorker’s and tourists posted videos up on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to share the moment with friends and families.

I think it’s pretty neat that the ESB has entered into a new era, but it kind of makes me think it belongs in Vegas now, what do you think – yay or nay?

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