Iceland locks meat and cheese in security boxes

By on Thursday, November 22, 2012

Iceland has locked up its cheese and meat joints in security boxes in a bid to stop them from being stolen. Whilst not a PR stunt or gimmick, this move does highlight how desperate times are in the run-up to Christmas.

Most of Iceland’s stores have introduced ‘lamb saver boxes’, which encase food in boxes similar to CD’s and DVD’s. Iceland said it has been forced into the measure to stop a growing number of hungry thieves from stealing its stock.

The Trussell Trust, part of the UK food bank network, said they weren’t shocked to see a rise in theft from the Iceland store, claiming some families are “desperate” for food.

Some of the charity’s individual branches have reported more than a 30 per cent increase in people using food banks since the UK was hit by recession in 2009.

Will this move backfire with customers?

Source: SWNS



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