Pizza Hut back out of Presidential stunt, giving online voters chance to win lifetime supply of pizza

By on Monday, October 15, 2012

Just days after Pizza Hut announced it would give a lifetime of free pizza to any attendee at next week’s presidential debate to ask Obama or Romney whether they prefer sausage or pepperoni as a topping, the pizza chain has backtracked.

Whether it was intended to be the next phase of the campaign or is a result of media negativity towards the idea, it’s now been announced that the question is being opened up to the American public. A random online voter will now win the lifetime (well, one pizza per week for 30 years) pizza supply.

Asked to comment about whether the change in program was sparked by all the negative press, a spokesman for Pizza Hut’s parent Yum Brands said:

“the latest announcement is the natural progression of the campaign, given the amount of attention it has received. We now have the opportunity to open up the debate to a broader audience online and increase the number of people able to win the free pizza for life.”

Involved agency: campaign created by Edelman’s Zeno

Source: Ad Age

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