Great PR case study: campaign encourages 6,000 to record and broadcast sex lives

By on Monday, September 17, 2012

(NOTE: just been told this was from last year. Shame, as I try to only include recent campaigns!)

People in Stockholm, Sweden are amongst the worst in Europe when it comes to safe sex, apparently.

Based on this, the Stockholm County Aids Prevention programme gave Swedish agency Ester a brief that revolved around promoting condom use throughout the summer.

The agency decided to hand out 50,000 condoms, each featuring a QR code, to people aged between 20 and 30 years old.

Scanning the QR code directed people towards an app intended to be used during sex, that could measure noise, rhythm and duration. Using this data (uploaded to the campaign website), the programme placed ads around Stockholm and on popular websites, conveying data taken from the app, including the fact that dog owners make more noise than cat owners and even publicly announcing how long users lasted.

The case study video is below – and well worth watching. It tells us that more than 5,900 sex graphs were uploaded – comfortably beating the target of 1,000. 39% of Stockholmers said they were more likely to use a condom, beating the target by 98%.,

Thanks to CIPR Scotland secretary Joe Walton for tweeting with this!

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