Samsung thank fan who sent them a cute dragon drawing with a free customised Galaxy SIII

By on Friday, August 31, 2012

In May, Shane Bennett (here on Twitter) – a guy from Ontario, Canada – posted this message (and drawing of a cartoon dragon) on Samsung Canada’s Facebook account:

Samsung’s online community manager, Drew Bomhof (here on Twitter if you want to say hey) replied with a polite no, and replied with a drawing of his own:


Bennett posted the exchange on Reddit, where it quickly became popular, attracting the interest of a few journalists.

Last week, to thank Bennett for the free PR, Samsung sent him a free Galaxy S III, customised with his quirky drawing:

As pointed out by the source of this story (below), Samsung hasn’t had a very good time of it in the last few weeks, what with the court issues and all, so it’s great to see they’re still, as a company, having fun and thinking about good content and how it can help PR-wise.

Source: Toronto Life, tweeted to me by TVC Group’s Adam Clyne

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