What is Off the Record?

By on Monday, July 16, 2012

You know what us PR and marketing types need more of? That’s right – reasons to spend more time online. There just aren’t enough and I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I’ll ever kick my offline habit.

Offline, people are peculiar. They speak in sentences with more than 140 characters – yes, I count – and nobody, at least since I’ve stopped frequenting certain public toilets, has offered me ‘extra inches’. I can only imagine people offline have all the inches they need, the bloody show-offs.

A show-off, left.

Incredibly, and I’m not sure you’ll believe this, they exercise without telling strangers – how they get likes. +1s or RTs, I don’t know – and perhaps most oddly, they don’t even show me images of pre-ingested food. How anybody gets by without knowing exactly what is travelling through the colon of passers-by, hurtling towards an inevitable splashy ceramic grave, is beyond me.

To prevent you from having to suffer the pain of spending more time offline than necessary, I have added a category to PRexamples that I think you will appreciate (you are very welcome).

Off the Record is a break from the day to day exposure of brilliant PR stunts and campaigns this site is best known for. It will give our 70+ contributors, me included, the opportunity to give their opinion about and insight into issues surrounding mediamarketingPRdigitalsocialmedia.

Chances are, it’ll be updated less frequently than the main part of the site, but given the fact I don’t think another site in the industry can boast such a diverse range of contributors – from students to owners of renowned international agencies – I think their thoughts, straight from the coal face and not as a journalistic bystander, might just be worth waiting for.

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