Sneaker store uses GPS to hijack customers from competitors

By on Monday, July 23, 2012

Using check-ins or GPS technology has been something of a challenge for brands, who’ve often struggled to find ways to tie in with traditional sales – as opposed to just generating awareness through social media. We’ve also seen something of a spate recently of ‘interactive discounts’, where the customer can receive a fluctuating level of discount in exchange for taking part in an activity.  This brilliant idea for a chain of sneaker stores (or ‘trainer shops’ for those of us in the UK!) makes use of both of these methods.

Meat Pack in Guatemala already had a reputation for offering special discounts on their stock of the coolest limited-edition trainers from the likes of Adidas, Puma and Nike, but they wanted to develop a new and innovative campaign that took their customers by surprise.  They created ‘Hijack’, an addition to their already popular smartphone app,  which uses GPS technology to recognise when one of their customers was entering the official store of one of the brands sold at Meat Pack. This then triggers a push notification of a special-discounted offer – with a catch….

The discount would start at 99% and it would decrease by a percentage with every second that went by, causing the visitor to swiftly turn on their heels and leg it to the Meat Pack stores as fast as they could in order to make the countdown stop.  More than 600 custumers were hijacked from the competitors and all discounted merchandise was sold in record time. Each time a customer redeemed a discount, their Facebook status automatically changed with news of their success, helped to push the promotion further and creating something of a competitive aspect. More information in the video below.

A great idea and something that you can easily see being copied in other countries and market sectors.

Agency: 4am Saatchi & Saatchi, Guatemala

Source: Headvertising



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