PANDA-monium in Central London

By on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nothing better than a flash-mob of Pandas, everyone’s favourite celibate mammal…

I have a feeling that this is going on as I write, but, I’ve just spotted the hashtag #HugaPanda and it seems to be that there are 108 Pandas doing Tai Chi in Trafalgar Square. Can any locals confirm?

This is no doubt a follow-up from the Chengdu Association for Cultural Exchange’s last advertising triumph – turning capital cities black cabs into Pandas (well, painting white patches on them and cartoon pandas) and is part of Panda Awareness Week. Chengdu in Szechuan Province, China is home to 80% of the worlds panda Population.

You can follow the pandemonium here on Twitter. My guess is that there is more panda related action to come throughout the day and the rest of the week. Like on Anchorman, “we’re on Panda Watch: The mood is tense.”

Sneaking suspicion that Ogilvy are the agency behind this stunt.




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