Coca-Cola machine swaps hugs for free drinks

By on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It seems to be a day for vending machine stunts – first the Australian machine that had people bowing to it for free ‘chips’ (that would be crisps for those of us in the UK) and now the Coca-Cola machine that swapped hugs for free cans of soda in Singapore.

The machine appeared overnight as part of the brand’s Open Happiness campaign and is proving so popular the company plan to roll them out across Asia.

According to the company the machines are a simple idea designed to spread happiness, and encourage public displays of affection.

I like this idea, because the world could use a little extra love, but I feel like it’s a cheap ‘How low will they go’ type stunt (and there is nothing wrong with them when they are honest) masquerading as spreading joy. Definitely not the best that Coca-Cola has come up with.


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