Disappearing ink book stunt – ‘The Book That Can’t Wait’

By on Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eterna Cadencia, an Argentinean publisher, released ‘The Book That Can’t Wait’ using a special ink that starts to disappear once it comes into contact with air and light.

This stunt is aimed at helping first time authors to get their material read, rather than waiting on the shelf. The ink in this book will disappear completely within 2 months, so you’re on a time limit.


“Books are very patient objects. We buy them, and then they wait for us to read them. Days, months, even years. That’s OK for books, but not for new authors. If people don’t read their first books. They’ll never make it to a second.”

Involved Agencies: Eterna Cadencia, DRAFTFCB

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