Artwork made entirely of bread and cheese unveiled

By on Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So I’ve been a little quieter than usual on because at Mercieca Ltd we have been working on a Pilgrims Choice Cheese and Sandwich art exhibition that was hosted at The Royal Bath and West Show.

The artworks, made predominantly out of cheese and real bread were showcased in a 9meter x 9meter pop-up exhibition to celebrate the best of Britishness and the Royal Jubilee. As well as a 2D mature cheddar portrait of the Queen, we had Daisy the cow, a hand-made tapestry with real bread models and Chris Evans made out of bread slices.

I guess your next question is why cheese and sandwiches? Well, we recently launched a FREE app to build excitement around the forgotten art of sandwich making so our exhibition was aimed at driving awareness of the sandwich app as well as provide an interactive and engaging experience for families attending the show.

Here’s a video looking at the top ten sandwiches:

In addition, visitors were also able to try their hand at creating their own cheese craft using carved miniature cheese prints with a lesson with some of the cheese artists behind this exhibition. These were hung out to dry on our washing line and the children could return later to take their artworks home or leave it behind to form part of a larger art collaboration on the wall.

We secured some good regional and national pickup from the event, but most importantly our Pilgrims Choice tent was permanently packed with visitors throughout the show.

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