Weetabix sends customised boxes to celebs in fun PR stunt, including @MissAmyChilds

By on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weetabix has launched Jubilee-inspired limited-edition packaging.

To celebrate it and gain some social media love, they sent this hamper to Heat magazine’s offices, prompting Heat to tweet about it to their 288,000 followers:

The cereal manufacturer has also sent some customised boxes out to a few celebrities, including Evanna Lynch who played Luna in the Harry Potter films and subsequently tweeted about it to her 330,000 followers:

And TOWIE’s (The Only Way is Essex’s) Amy Childs, who tweeted this image to her 1m followers:

The effort is reminiscent of the ‘Totes Amazeballs’ customised cereal box campaign from Kelloggs earlier this year.

I’m sure Weetabix’s PRs will have sent more out there, so if you see any that aren’t already posted above, feel free to tweet us @PRexamples with it!

Involved agency: Stephanie Kelly and the Weetabix PR and social media team at Good Relations

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