‘Fit as a Butcher’s Daughter’ racy campaign for Rustler’s

By on Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rustler’s have launched saucy new campaign ‘fit as a butcher’s daughter‘ in modern twist of classic saying ‘fit as a butcher’s dog’, adhering to age old advertising motto ‘sex sells’.

It is said to aim ‘ to communicate the quality of Rustlers’ products in an engaging and suggestive way for 16-24 year old males‘.

Risque videos implementing the new campaign:

“See what’s under my counter”


“Fancy something hot and tasty?”

The “Have a poke around my shop” application allows users to navigate around an interactive image of a butchers shop and click on items, revealing a cheeky caption. For example, you are likely to hear, “Ooh I do like a big chopper” when clicking on the icon of a butcher’s cleaver.

To add a social element to the campaign, a Facebook profile for character Lexi O’Leary has been created, allowing for engagement and giving the brand more personality. See here.

There is further encouragement to engage online via imagery, consistently advising to search ‘fit as a butcher’s daughter’.

Also there are three variations of racy posters that can be downloaded via the Rustlers website here, which I’m sure the brains behind the campaign are hoping to see popping up all over the Internet.

A series of banner ads where Lexi ‘stalks’ consumers will appear on The Sun online and on the Nuts website over a period of four weeks as a continuation of the campaign.

John Armstrong, Rustlers marketing director, said: “Fit As A Butcher’s Daughter will dispel some of the negatives in a manner that will not only appeal to our target market of 16 to 24-year-old males but will also engage people who may not have tried the brand due to their misconceptions.

“We are really pleased how our integrated approach, working with our creative team at BJL and our media team at Mediacom, has resulted in a campaign that is not only focused on the creation of an entertaining, brand building destination but is also focused on telling people about it with communications on five million packs and through seven million digital impressions.”

Involved agencies: BJL, MediaCom 

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