Jack White releases new song on flexi discs attached to 1,000 balloon for fans to find

By on Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jack White – of The White Stripes fame – has released a new track from his upcoming solo album, Blunderbuss, in interesting fashion.

You know that saying about buses? That they always come at once? Well, after a couple of different takes on the balloon PR stunt, White has premiered his new song Freedom at 21 by attaching 1,000 copies of it (on flexi disc) to helium balloons, inviting fans to find them when they land.

The launch took place from his record label Third Man Records' Nashville headquarters.

Photo by Jo McCaughey

The label states that in similar balloon stunts brands have seen a rougly 10% recovery rate – a cool stat in itself – meaning just 100 balloons are likely to be found.

Each balloons includes a note instructing their finders on how to submit photos and information on where and when they discovered the record.

Watch the video below to see more:

Source: Spin.com


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