Pot Luck: PR stunt alerts Canadians to the cavities in their roads

By on Thursday, March 15, 2012

Potholes are a nightmare. Every driver knows it. There is no greater advertisement for the fact than to go for a drive until you hit one.

So if you’re the consultancy charged with the task of drawing attention to a new socially collaborative website and smartphone application aimed at addressing this problem, where do you start? Well if you’re Canadian based Taxi you plant a car half submerged by a pothole smack bang in the middle of

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Montreal. Obvious when you put it like that.

The car has been pot-fallen to coincide with the start of Canadian ‘Pothole Season’ – a social scheme which encourages motorists to swerve the regular reaction to potholes (creatively evasive driving maneuvers, aggressive swearing/hand gestures etc.) and report them instead so that other drivers will not fall foul of them.

Combined, the app and site currently account for over 2,700 potholes and with Montreal motorists almost unable to miss the scheme's accompanying PR stunt, that number is sure to rise.


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