Pop-up shop allows customers to buy chocolate with promise of good deeds, not money

By on Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Danish chocolate brand Anthon Berg opened a pop-up chocolate shop in Copenhagen for one day only.

The difference between this and the other recent pop-up restaurant idea from British Airways was that instead of paying with cash or a credit card, customers had to pay with the promise of a good deed.

anthon berg chocolate good deed the generous store

The Generous Store in Copenhagen ‘priced’ its chocolates with over 30 different good deed promises including ‘don't comment on your girlfriend's driving for a week’ and ‘serve breakfast in bed to your loved one.’

Customers then had to pay by promising their loved one the deed via Facebook, using the in-store iPads and app to ensure they followed through with their payment.

Watch the short video below to see the idea in action.

Source: PSFK

Agency: Robert/Boisen & Like-minded


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