Cup dispensers placed next to polluted water spots in NYC highlights global water crisis

By on Saturday, March 31, 2012

Agency DDB New York created an interesting campaign for World Water Day 2012 (22nd March) targeting high-footfall areas around NYC by placing drinking cup dispensers next to polluted city water spots. The campaign was to highlight the fact that millions around the world die as a result of drinking contaminated drinking water.

ddb world water day cup polluted water stunt

The cups featured information about the issue, including facts such as '4,500 children die from unsafe drinking water every day', and 'unsafe drinking water kills more people than war'.

The effort directed members of the public to the project website Water is Life, which includes information about how people can get involved.

Besides the fact the video opens with a claim I'm personally entirely unsure of and have never heard – that New York City is 'known' for having the best tap water in the world – I really like the campaign and would be interested to know how successful it was.

Watch the short video summing up the campaign below:

Source: Hotcow, tweeted to me by ORM London's Annie Owen.


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