Dozens take part in lingerie-clad Ann Summers high street stunt

By on Thursday, March 29, 2012

Say cheese and… smile?

Well this Oxford Street campaign is certainly one way to get your attention. Yes, I’m looking at you, men of Britain.

As for whether it will get them running in their masses to visit the store to buy their lovers a selection of skimpy lingerie or something a little more risky, I’m not so sure.

To celebrate the opening of their Wardour Street heritage store and in the lead up to National Cleavage Day, Ann Summers asked members of the public to take to the streets of London in their lingerie.

I still have male friends that flush deep shades of red and have heart palpitations each time they enter the sexy high street shop. In fact, there was one occasion when one of them actually ran- yes RAN- out of the shop in a fluster. Poor thing.

I do however think that this is a great campaign for attracting females. The diverse array of women of all shapes, colours and sizes modelling the brand is a sure-fire way to boost the confidence of girls walking past and invite them in for a casual browse.

It’s a sort of, ‘If they can wear it, then so can I.’ GIRL POWER.

I wonder if Gok Wan had anything to do with this…


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