Alton Towers’ new ride given 12A certificate by BBFC

By on Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not content with the media love they got for their 3D art lift stunt, Alton Towers has somehow managed to get the BBFC – the British Board of Film Classification – to assign a rating to their newest theme park attraction; the Nemesis Sub-Terra.

Alton Towers Nemesis Sub-Terra BBFC 12A rating

The BBFC has classified the ride a 12A, making it the first non-film or game to receive an age rating by the organisation. The rating means that under 12s will have to ride with an adult, and further underlines the apparent scariness of the ride.

Murray Perkins of the BBFC said: “[We are] seeing a real blur of the old boundaries of visual content and physical experience in both 3D and 4D cinema, and at theme parks.

“Applying our experience of the public's acceptability of moments of threat on screen, to more physical experiences, is something we have begun to do as cinema and other theatrical experiences evolve.

“After experiencing the attraction first-hand… we would recommend that Alton Towers Resort classify the new Nemesis Sub-Terra a '12A'.

“[It] contains some intense moments, in some respects comparable with scary scenes which may be experienced in horror or science fiction films at 12A/12.”

The stunt has been ran by PA, picked up by the BBC, the Huffington Post, The Sun, The Independent, The Telegraph and many more national outlets.

Well done again to park PR manager Elizabeth West and retained agency Cake PR.

Sources: TravelMole and The CIPR Conversation


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