Truckin’ on for the start of Super League 2012

By on Thursday, February 2, 2012

The new Super League Rugby season is nearly upon us and thanks to new sponsor The Stobart Group, it could soon be the talk of the motorways…

As part of the new sponsorship deal, 100 of the iconic Eddie Stobart trucks have been transformed into Super League advertising boards featuring a range of the sport’s best-known players.

To publicise the launch and new partnership, 15 of the new-look trucks, one for each Super League team plus a generic Super League truck, staged a convoy from the Eddie Stobart depot in Warrington, to Old Trafford for the media launch. The convoy took them through an area that contains four Super League clubs and countless amateur teams.

Pulling into the Old Trafford car park, the truck did not just line up in orderly fashion, instead they arranged themselves into the shape of the sport’s iconic upright sticks, providing some impressive areal shots.

The race is already on to see who will be first to spot them all as they are put to work across the country…

Sources: Stobart Super League Facebook Page


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